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The Southern Historical Association was organized November 2, 1934. Its objectives are the promotion of interest and research in southern history, the collection and preservation of the South's historical records, and the encouragement of state and local historical societies in the South. As a secondary purpose the Association fosters the teaching and study of all areas of history in the South.

The Association maintains two permanent offices: the editorial offices, located at Rice University, and the secretary-treasurer's office, located at the University of Georgia.

Inquiries concerning membership, back issues, indexes, and address changes should be sent to Angela Brewer.

Inquiries concerning articles, books, book reviews, advertising in the Journal of Southern History, departmental activities, and professional news and notices should be directed to:

Dr. Randal L. Hall, Editor
Journal of Southern History - MS 45
Rice University
6100 Main Street
Houston, Texas 77005-1892
(713) 348-6039

Inquiries concerning the annual meeting should be directed to:

Dr. Stephen Berry, Secretary-Treasurer
Southern Historical Association
Department of History
University of Georgia
Athens, Georgia 30602-1602
(706) 542-8848


The Association holds an annual meeting, usually in the first or second week of November. Sessions at the annual meeting are devoted to the fields of American, European, and Latin American history. Other sessions of interest are included from time to time.

Members of the Association should inform the secretary-treasurer of changes of address at least six weeks prior to the publication of the next issue of the Journal of Southern History. To insure normal receipt of the published program of the annual meeting, members should inform the secretary-treasurer of changes of address by July 1.



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