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The Fletcher M. Green and Charles W. Ramsdell Award

The Fletcher M. Green and Charles W. Ramsdell Award is awarded in even-numbered years for the best article published in the Journal of Southern History during the two-preceding years. It will be awarded at the 2016 annual meeting in St. Pete Beach, FL, for an article published during 2014 and 2015.

David Brown, Chair
Samuel Alexander Building-N1.7
School of Arts, Languages and Cultures
University of Manchester
M13 9PL

Timothy Huebner
Department of History
209 Buckman Hall
Rhodes College
Memphis, TN 38112-1690

Sarah C. Thuesen
Department of History
Guilford College
5800 West Friendly Avenue
Greensboro, NC 27410

The recipient of the 2014 Green-Ramsdell Award is Stephanie E. Yuhl, College of the Holy Cross, for "Hidden in Plain Sight: Centering the Domestic Slave Trade in American Public History," published in May 2013.

Past Winners

Charles W. Ramsdell Article Award

1957 - Robert R. Russel
"What Was the Compromise of 1950?" Volume XXII (August 1956)

1959 - J. R. Pole
"Suffrage and Representation in Maryland from 1776 to 1810: A Statistical Note and Some Reflections" Volume XXIV (May 1958)

1961 - Bernard A. Weisberger
"The Dark and Bloody Ground of Reconstruction Historiography" Volume XXV (November 1959)

1963 - Edward W. Phifer
"Slavery in Microcosm: Burke County, North Carolina" Volume XXVIII (May 1962)

1965 - Harold D. Woodman
"The Profitability of Slavery: A Historical Perennial" Volume XXIX (August 1963)

1967 - Alan Dowty
"Urban Slavery in Pro-Southern Fiction of the 1850's" Volume XXXII (February 1966)

1969 - Norman K. Risjord
"The Virginia Federalists" Volume XXXIII (November 1967)

1971 - Bertram Wyatt-Brown
"The Antimission Movement in the Jacksonian South: A Study in Regional Folk Culture" Volume XXXVI (November 1970)

1973 - Patricia Hickin
"Gentle Agitator: Samuel M. Janney and the Anti-slavery Movement in Virginia, 1842-1851" Volume XXXVII (May 1971)

1975 - Randolph B. Campbell
"Planters and Plain Folk: Harrison County, Texas, as a Test Case, 1850-1860" Volume XL (August 1974)

1977 - Carl V. Harris
"Right Fork or Left Fork? The Section-Party Alignments of Southern Democrats in Congress, 1873-1897" Volume XLII (November 1976)

1979 - John R. Killick
"The Cotton Operations of Alexander Brown and Sons in the Deep South, 1820-1860" Volume XLIII (May 1977)

1981 - Daniel J. Singal
"Broadus Mitchell and the Persistence of New South Thought" Volume XLV (August 1979)

1983 - Elizabeth Brown Pryor
"An Anomalous Person: The Northern Tutor in Plantation Society, 1773-1860" Volume XLVII (August 1981)

Fletcher Melvin Green Article Award

1970 - Roger L. Rice
"Residential Segregation by Law, 1910-1917" Volume XXXIV (May 1968)

1972 - Harvard Sitkoff
"Harry Truman and the Election of 1948: The Coming of Age of Civil Rights in American Politics" Volume XXXVII (November 1971)

1974 - Warren A. Ellem
"Who Were the Mississippi Scalawags?" Volume XXXVIII (May 1972)

1976 - Daniel J. Flanigan
"Criminal Procedure in Slave Trials in the Antebellum South" Volume XL (November 1974)

1978 - Barry Mackintosh
"George Washington Carver: The Making of a Myth" Volume XLII (August 1976)

1980 - Steven J. Ross
"Freed Soil, Freed Labor Freed Men: John Eaton and the Davis Bend Experiment" Volume XLIV (May 1978)

1982 - Judith K. Schafer
"New Orleans Slavery in 1850 as Seen in Advertisements" Volume XLVII (February 1981)

This award was combined with the Charles W. Ramsdell Award. The first award was given in 1986 for an article published during the years 1983-85.

Green-Ramsdell Article Award

1986 - Raymond Arsenault
"The End of the Long Hot Summer: the Air Conditioner and Southern Culture" Volume L (May 1984)

1988 - Rowland Berthoff
"Celtic Mist Over the South" Volume LII (November 1986)

1990 - James C. Cobb
"Beyond Planters and Industrialists: A New Perspective on the New South" Volume LIV (February 1988)

1992 - James C. Cobb
"Does Mind No Longer Matter? The South, the Nation, and The Mind of the South, 1941-1991" Volume LVII (November 1991)

1994 - John S. Hughes
"Labeling and Treating Black Mental Illness in Alabama, 1862-1910" Volume LVIII (August 1992)

1996 - Sharon Ann Holt
"Making Freedom Pay: Freedpeople Working for Themselves, North Carolina, 1865-1900" Volume LX (May 1994)

1998 - Neil Foley
"Mexicans, Mechanization, and the Growth of Corporate Cotton Culture in South Texas: The Taft Ranch, 1900-1930" Volume LXII (May 1996)

2000 - Laura F. Edwards (co-winner)
"Law, Domestic Violence, and the Limits of Patriarchal Authority in the Antebellum South" Volume LXV (November 1999)

Michael Ross (co-winner)
"Justice Miller's Reconstruction : The Slaughter-House Cases, Health Codes and Civil Rights in New Orleans, 1861-1873" Volume LXIV (November 1998)

2002 - Gregory O'Brien (co-winner)
"The Conqueror Meets the Unconquered: Negotiating Cultural Boundaries on the Post-Revolutionary Southern Frontier" Volume LXVII (February 2001)

Gregory Michael Dorr (co-winner)
"Assuring America's Place in the Sun: Ivey Foreman Lewis and the Teaching of Eugenics at the University of Virginia, 1915-1953" Volume LXVI (May 2000)

2004 - Stephanie J. Shaw
"Using the WPA Ex-Slave Narratives to Study the Impact of the Great Depression" Volume LXIX (August 2003)

2006 - Claudio Saunt
"'The Paradox of Freedom': Tribal Sovereignty and Emancipation during the Reconstruction of Indian Territory" Volume LXX (February 2004)

2008 - Karen Kruse Thomas
"The Hill-Burton Act and Civil Rights: Expanding Hospital Care for Black Southerners, 1939-1960" Volume LXXII (November 2006)

2010 - Mark W. Geiger
"Indebtedness and the Origins of Guerrilla Violence in Civil War Missouri," Volume LXXV (February 2009)

2012 - Paul S. Sutter
"What Gullies Mean: Georgia's 'Little Grand Canyon' and Southern Environmental History," Volume LXXVI (August 2010)


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