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The William F. Holmes Award

In honor of Will Holmes's fifteen years of service as Secretary-Treasurer of the SHA, the Executive Council created the William F. Holmes Award, to be presented every year for the best paper presented at the annual meeting by a graduate student or junior faculty member (anyone who received his or her Ph.D. within three years of the time of presentation).

Papers to be presented at the meeting in Atlanta are eligible for the prize. To be considered, papers should be submitted via e-mail to Sheree Dendy no later than October 1, 2014. The paper should be no longer than fifteen pages of text and must be in the same form as will be delivered at the annual meeting. Each entry should have a cover sheet, which includes the author's name, the paper title, and the institution for the Ph.D. with the expected month/year of graduation, or the month/year when the Ph.D. was received. A committee appointed by the president of the SHA will choose the winning paper, which will be announced at the Atlanta meeting and its author presented with a cash award.

2014 Committee

Douglas Egerton, Chair
Le Moyne College

Christine E. Sears
University of Alabama-Huntsville

Amy Louise Wood
Illinois State University

2013 William F. Holmes Award Winner

Alix Lerner's paper entitled "Discarded Chattel: Old Slaves, Public Resources, and the Legal Complexities of Burdensome Property," St. Louis, Missouri


Past Winners

2000 - Scott Stephan
"Re-Creating Conversion: An Examination of Domestic Devotion in the Old South"

2001 - Gavin James Campbell
"'A Pure and Persistent Anglo-Saxon Lineage': Race and Old Time Fiddling in Atlanta, 1913-1925"

2002 - Bethany L. Johnson
"'To Understand the South as She Was': The Southern History Association and the Troubled Transition to Scientific History, 1896-1907"

2003 - Judkin Browning
"Conflicting Visions of Freedom and Civilization: Forging New Identities in Beaufort, NC, during the Civil War"

2004 - Edward Rugemer
"Robert Monroe Harrison, British Abolition, Southern Anglophobia and Texas Annexation"

2005 - Chandra Manning
"Voting with their Fear: Confederate Soldiers and the 1864 North Carolina Governor's Election"

2006 - Benjamin E. Wise
"Traveling South: Will Percy in the World"

2007 - David Silkenat
"'By His Own Hand': Suicide in Nineteenth Century North Carolina"

2008 - Robert E. Luckett
"Ole Miss and Radical Reconstruction From James Silver to the Meredith Movement"

2009 - Ben Schiller
"Selling Themselves: Slavery, Self-Promotion and the Path of Least Resistance"

2010 - Joseph Abel
"'Our Grievance Procedure Operates on Facts, Not Color': White Unions and Black Workers in the Aircraft Industry of Texas"

2011 - Jennifer Oast
"An Education in Oppression: Students, Slaves, and Violence on Virginia College Campuses"

2012 - Scott Huffard
"Creating the 'Main Line of Mid-America': The Illinois Central Railroad in the South, 1878-1888"



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